10 Simple Ways to Connect With Your Body Right Now

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10 Simple Ways to Connect With Your Body Right Now

It’s an easy thing to fall into—forgetting you even have a body, let alone taking care of it and connecting to it.

Many of us treat our body as a column to hold up our heads. We can become so trapped in our minds that we forget the vulnerability, strength, and miracles of the human body.

We live in a time in history that prioritizes thinking, and many of your daily activities may in fact require your mind to make them happen. There’s also a barrage of information about how women’s bodies should look in all moments of our lives.

You may not have a healthy relationship with your body. Many of us don’t.

Many of us were taught our bodies were something to be ashamed of (in fact, we’re still hearing this from many places in our lives). Many of us may hold ourselves to unreasonable and unattainable standards of what our bodies should look like. Many of us see our bodies as something we cannot trust, as something we need to constantly improve.

Your primary relationship with your body may be in using it to reach an ideal–some version of the self you want or some projection of the body you wish you had. When your primary way of relating to the body is through control and distrust, it’s no wonder that it might not feel compelling to engage more with the body you have.

Instead of connecting with our bodies only when we’re trying to improve them, what if we connected for other reasons, for access to pleasure, joy, and a closer relationship with ourselves?

This is your body for your life so you can (and have the right to no matter what your body looks like or feels like) stay connected to it.

There are so many valid reasons to cultivate a connection with your body. The body is a touchstone and can be an important source of information if you can listen.   

Paradoxically, it also works the other way: when you can give yourself permission to be with your physical experiences, it becomes easier to optimize your body for your own life.

In fact, connecting to your body is the simplest way to return home to yourself. It’s an intention to be with your physical experience, establish a link between your body and spirit, and live better in the present moment.

Ten Simple Ways to Connect to Your Body Right Now:

  1. Place your hand on your heart and take a deep breath
  2. Hug someone
  3. Close your eyes and breathe in and out for three breaths (you can also do this laying down)
  4. Take a shower or bath
  5. Take a walk around your block (or your house or office)
  6. Close your eyes and do a “scan” of your body, searching for the areas where you can send love and extra breath to, connecting the sensations you feel in your body
  7. Hold hands with someone
  8. Do some self-massage on your shoulders, neck, wrists, or any other areas that need love
  9. Make a simple meal and eat it slowly, savoring each bite.
  10. Stretch any part of your body in whatever way feels good

The important thing is noticing what feels right for your body now, what it’s craving—and giving it to her.

Our bodies belong to us, and even a small amount of attention paid to it can have major rewards.

Connecting to your body is not about changing your shape or wanting a new body. It’s about caring for the body you have so that you can make your greatest contribution to the world.

Listen to what your body is calling for today, and give it to her. (Yes, it can really be that simple.)

In the comments below, tell me: What are some of your favorite ways to connect with your body?



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  1. I love having my hair played with, brushed even. However because my hair is a bit curly it gets tangled easy. I enjoy brushing it, but then I have to calm it down so the fritz doesn’t go all over the place. For nearly two years I’ve really enjoyed letting my son, now two years old, play with my hair. Ever since he could he would twirl his own curly hair and loves to twirl anyone elses he is closer to. Not only is this good for my body, but it is great for my bond with my son. We also do a good deal of cuddling!

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