10 Ways to Spice Up Your Apples and Honey This Rosh Hashanah

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10 Ways to Spice Up Your Apples & Honey This Rosh Hashanah Jewish Food Hero

Apples and honey are a Rosh Hashanah tradition.

Here are 10 ways to spice up your ritual this year.


Raw apples get the limelight at the Rosh Hashanah seder meal.  After that, they are relegated to being featured in as an ingredient in cakes and other treats.  Raw apples are filled with fiber and nutrients.  Eating apples raw is so good for us so let’s eat more of them this High Holiday season.

Eat One Apple before Holiday Meals
Starting our meals with a raw apple is a best practice especially during the high holidays where there are so many heavier meals. Eating it right before a holiday meal will help you satisfy your appetite so that you can make healthier choices at the holiday meal that follows.

Our grandmothers ate compote and so can we.  Apple compote is delicious, simple to make and 100% healthy.  Here is a recipe from Martha Rose Shulman.

Apple-cucumber pickles is a loved Korean dish and meets our Rosh Hashanah requirements too.

Make these one day in advance and enjoy them as a side dish during meals.

For a lighter apple dessert, poached-apple is a perfect option.  I included one in the Jewish Food Hero Cookbook Rosh Hashanah Menu here.


DIY Herb and Spice Infused Honey
Herb infused honey is delicious and healthy.  It is simple to make and a fun activity to do with children for Rosh Hashanah.  It also makes a great L’shanah Tovah gift.  This is the recipe that inspired me to experiment this year.

Honey Glaze
Honey can be used as a delicious and fragrant sweet or savory glaze. A savory honey glazed tofu on pumpkin seed couscous recipe and a vanilla bean and fig shortbread drizzled with honey glaze recipe look delicious for our October holidays.

Spicy Honey
Invigorating honey with a bit of hot spice can surprise and delight the senses.  It is perfect as a topping for non-dairy yogurt, on toast or even in a cup of tea.  Try it out here.

Healthy Honey Salad Dressing
Adding honey to a salad dressing makes it sweet (in a good way).  Try this E2 Basics Dressing   It is sure to please and can be added to any salad during the holidays (and all year long).

Apple Cider Detox drink
Apple Cider vinegar is so good for us.  Many people drink one tablespoon of organic raw apple cider vinegar mixed with 12 ounces of warm water and a bit of raw honey in the morning on an empty stomach.  Adding this health elixir to our routine will surely help our digestion this time of year when there is a line up of holiday meals.

Your turn:  What are some of your healthiest tips for apples and honey during Rosh Hashanah?

P.S. Here is the blessing for apples and honey in case you need it.



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