11 Beautiful and Modern Mezuzot


Beautiful Mezuzot pieces, modern Mezuzot

A mezuzah is a piece of parchment (often contained in a decorative case) inscribed with Hebrew verses from the Torah (Deuteronomy 6:4-9 and 11:13-21 – the Shema). Many people incorrectly believe that the mezuzah is a good-luck charm or that it is connected to the story of the Exodus from Egypt; however, its true purpose is to serve as a constant reminder of G-d’s presence.

Mezuzahs are handwritten on parchment scrolls and placed in a case, which is then affixed to the right doorpost. Some people place one only on the entrance to their home, while others have one on every door frame.

Here are 11 beautiful and modern mezuzot to inspire and delight (in alphabetical order).

Ben Zion David

Location: Israel

Mezuzah Name: Yemenite Handmade Silver Mezuzah Case

Inspiration: Combining modern design and Yemenite styling

Ben Zion David, modern Mezuzot

CeMMent by Marit Meisler

Location: Israel

Mezuzah Name: Long Shin Mezuzah

Inspiration: Rethink and redefine formal preconceptions of traditional objects which have been taken for granted.

Cemment, Modern Mezuzot

Emily Rosenfeld

Location: USA

Mezuzah Name: Deco Mezuzah

Inspiration: Streamlined look of art deco design

Emily Rosenfeld, Modern Mezuzot

Grande Studio by Victoria Grande

Location: Israel

Mezuzah Name: Girls Room Mezuzah

Inspiration: Shabby Chic

Grande Studio, Modern Muzuzot

Laura Cowan

Location: Israel

Name: Apollo

Inspiration: Man’s Landing on the Moon

Laura Cowan, Modern Mezuzot

Metalace by Talila Abraham

Location: Israel

Mezuzah Name: Shma

Inspiration: Present prayer as “lace of words” with stainless steel and advanced technology.

Metalace, Modern Mezuzot

Mi Polin by Helena Czernek and Aleksander Prugar

Location: Poland

Mezuzah Name: Prozna 14

Inspiration: Jewish life in Poland before WWII

Mi Polin, Modern Mezuzot

Sari Sculovitch

Location: Israel

Mezuzah Name: Touching Mezuzah

Inspiration: Pure and simple lines that incorporate Jewish motifs and religious concepts

Sari Sculovotch, Modern Mezuzot

Studio Armadillo by Anat Stein and Hadas Kruk

Location: Israel

Mezuzah Name: Octagon Mezuzah

Inspiration: Ritual objects that celebrate Jewish tradition through modern design

Studio armadillio, modern Mezuzot

Tzuki Studio

Location: Israel

Mezuzah Name: Colorful Mezuzah Case

Inspiration: To make serious religious articles feel more approachable, humorous and endearing

Tzuki, Modern Mezuzot

Yahalomis by Tal Hadar and Roy Yahalomi

Location: Israel

Mezuzah Name: Shin

Inspiration: Modern and minimalistic design

Yahalomis, Modern Mezuzot
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