6 Ideas and DIYs: Make Chanukah Beautiful

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Inspiration is really the beginning.

Identifying things that are beautiful to me connects me to the holiday, and even more than that, it is well-spent “alone time” for me these days.

Even if I only apply 1% of the inspiration, this “inspiration seeking” is a treasured part of my holiday experience.

You, too? Wonderful! I’ve rounded up some of my inspiration ideas for Chanukah.

A sweet, origami-inspired dreidel place card gave me the idea of making name tags for my party to make everyone feel special. Candles and flowers really set the tone for this tablescape, and they are for the Chanukahs of the next phase of my life. (Right now with our young daughter, my husband thought fire-on-the-table was too risky.)

And a few sweet, DIYs – Chanukah matchboxes would be a worthy party favor (to give or receive); tin can luminaries is something that I made this year with my daughter with a darker blue paint;

pie lights

a star of David on your wall is my goal for next Chanukah; and this pie reminds me of what I could make if I decide to be a Chanukah over-achiever this year.

How do you inspire yourself for Chanukah? Tell me in the comments and leave the link to your favorite inspiration for Chanukah!

P.S. This is me “sharing” what ideas/colors/objects/details inspire me right now. Not to be confused with me “telling” you what is beautiful or inspirational.

We are old enough now to know: One thing we can take personally is our own ideas and feelings about beauty.



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