9 Must Follow Instagram Accounts that Celebrate Israel

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Here are 9 Instagram accounts that celebrate scenes from modern life in Israel.

Israeli Food

@falafulltlv is an Instagram account featuring foods from restaurants in Israel, primarily in Tel Aviv, with the objective of showing that Israeli food isn’t “just falafel.” It features beautifully plated food with an emphasis on fresh and cooked salads, hummus and yes – falafel.

Instagram accounts celebrating Israel Food @falafulltlv


The @israelfood account isn’t just pretty, it’s also a treasure trove of recipes. The recipes are written in both Hebrew and English. Although they aren’t necessarily vegan, many of the recipes can easily be converted into plant-based dishes.

@israelfood Israel Food Instagram accounts


@matkonation is a beautiful Instagram account jointly curated by a food photographer Danya and food stylist Deanna. The photos offer a compelling peek into their lives in Tel Aviv as bloggers, mothers, foodies and design lovers.

@matkonation Instagram accounts that feature Israel Food


Nature in Israel

The Israel Nature and Parks Authority manages an active Instagram account, @parks_il. The account features high-quality photography of wildlife, fauna, and archaeology. I am particularly inspired by the stunning sunset pictures such as this one.

@ParksIL Instagram with Israel Nature


Laura Ben-David of LBD Creative is a marketer by profession and a photographer in her spare time. Her Instagram account, @laurabendavd, combines photos of nature in Israel with portraits and street scenes. Looking at her photos feels like you are walking beside her in Israel.

@laurabendavd Israel Nature Instagram accounts

Israeli Fashion

@israel.fashion is an Instagram fashion magazine dedicated to what Israeli women are wearing. The backgrounds of the photos are as gorgeous as the clothes themselves! This is the account to follow if you want a daily dose of Israeli fashion.

@israel.fashion Israel Fasion Instagram accounts

Israeli Architecture

A tribute to the creative and interesting buildings in Israel. Although not frequently updated, when does post, the images make you wish you were right there seeing these structures in person.

For a unique perspective on art and architecture, follow @artandarchitecturearad. Due to the eclectic nature of this account, you’ll be surprised by every single post. Hadas Kedar’s take on Israeli architecture is fresh and fun.

@artandarchitecturearad Israel Architecture Instagram Account


And One More for the Road…

The official account of Israel Tourism, @visit_israel, posts the most exquisite photos of everything there is to see and do in Israel. If you can’t make it to Israel in the near future, this is almost as good! From ancient to modern, nature to food, and north to south – this account is a true celebration of Israel.

From ancient to modern, nature to food, and north to south – this account is a true celebration of Israel.

@visit_Israel Israel tourist Instagram images


If you use Instagram and want to add some of your favorites, please comment below and let me know your favorite Instagram accounts for Israeli photos.




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