The Best Breakfast and Coffee in Battambang Cambodia

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The best breakfast and coffee in Battambang Cambodia is at Kinyei Cafe on Street 1.5.   The coffee is strictly Melbourne style; serving flat whites, piccolos, and lattes in glass cups.

Feel Good Coffee, Best Coffee in Cambodia, Battambang Coffee

Kinyei uses locally roasted Feel Good Coffee, a chemical-free blend of the best asian coffee beans.  The breakfast menu has western favorites: bagels and lox, poached eggs and fruit, yogurt and granola bowl.

KinYei Cafe, Battambang Cambodia Coffee stops, Best Coffee in Cambodia

Vegan and vegetarian breakfast options available.  Soy milk available on request.

To make it even better: Kinyei cafe started in 2010.  In 2015, ethical coffee entrepreneurs, Marc Adamson and Jose Rivera partnered with Kinyei and transformed the cafe into a social enterprise whereby employees are part owners.

KinYei Coffee, Best Coffee in Battambang, Cambodia

Your turn: Share the name of your favorite ethical cafe in the comments below.  



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