Discussion Prompts for your Passover Table (Printable)

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Ways to encourage talking at Passover Table

The Passover haggadah is our guide for the seder, but it’s really only an outline, into which we can add content which is thought-provoking and meaningful. One way to make the seder richer is to stop periodically and have one of the participants pick a note up randomly from the table and answer the question on it. Then others can chime in as well to create a fruitful conversation around the themes of the holiday.

I have prepared printable notes with questions for the Passover table discussion which I feel are inspiring and reflective. I’ve added a few blank notes as well, so you can add your own discussion points and personalize them for your family and guests.

Discussion Prompts for your Passover Table (Printable)

Discussion Prompts for your Passover Table

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  1. What is the most important difference between freedom and slavery? What does freedom mean to you today?
  2. The Exodus marks the day on which a tribe of people became a nation. How do you feel connected to the Jewish people? Is national identity still relevant in the twenty-first century?
  3. How has our heritage as an enslaved people informed our moral choices throughout history and today?
  4. At the seder, we eat the bread of affliction (matzah) and bitter herbs to taste slavery at the same time as we celebrate freedom. Is it possible to be both enslaved and free simultaneously?
  5. In what ways does slavery still exist in the world today? How can we change that?
  6. What events took place during your lifetime which can be compared to the Exodus from Egypt?
  7. Share a memory of a special seder you took part in. What it made it so unique?
  8. What does the Exodus teach us about the power of change?
  9. What can we learn from the haggadah about educating our children and ourselves?
  10. What ideas or things (habits, technologies, thoughts etc.) do you feel enslaved by? How can you change that this year?
  11. When the haggadah talks about a future redemption, how do you visualize it?
  12. What’s your favorite portion of the seder? Why?

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Your Turn: Share with us your favorite discussion prompt for our Passover seder.



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