Engage With Rosh Hashanah Through Writing

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Engage With Rosh Hashanah Writing

One of the things I sometimes forget about celebrating the holidays is that there are many ways to engage with the concepts and themes and to make the holiday personally meaningful.

It’s not about asking you to do more during an already busy time, but instead to bring more of yourself to the experience. It’s about claiming part of the Rosh Hashanah experience for yourself.

I believe you can make Rosh Hashanah healthy while continuing Rosh Hashanah traditions. (Wondering how Rosh Hashanah is observed? Learn more here.)

Going into Rosh Hashanah, we’re entering into the most holy days of the Jewish year that offers a space for introspection, soul searching, forgiveness, and intention setting. And we have the opportunity to engage with these inquiries at a time when the energy is aligned for doing so.

Your thoughts and intentions have creative power.

This week on Jewish Food Hero I’m publishing one short post every day that will give you ideas for ways to engage with Rosh Hashanah.

My intention is that it will spark both reflection and taking action for yourself in order to connect more deeply and personally to this holiday season.

Today’s theme is: Writing

For Reflection:

(Respond to the following questions in your mind, with a friend, or in your journal.)

  • To me, writing is:
  • I’ve always wanted to write:
  • If I could change one thing about my relationship with writing, it would be:

Taking Action:

  • Reflect on the past year and set intentions for the coming one
  • Purchase a new journal to start the year
  • Set a writing intention for this year
  • During the holidays, write a note to a loved one
  • Make your voice heard on an issue you care about
  • Start a new habit of writing by hand (lists totally count)
  • Use journaling as a form of self-therapy

In the comments, tell me how you’ll engage with Rosh Hashanah through writing this year!



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