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When I travel, I try to explore and enjoy the local vegan food. I always want to feel that my travels support the local food culture and that I am spending my money in a way that helps the local community.  When I was younger, I would DIY it – using Happy Cow to find vegan options and mostly just wander around hoping to find the best street foods, restaurants, grocery stores and local markets.

Lately when I travel, I join organized food tours and it is so much better; I learn more about the local food environment, eat healthy and delicious vegan food and enjoy the experience with my husband and young daughter.

Here’s the Haifa Street Food Tour that is on my travel dream list (along with visiting the Bahá’í Gardens again).

Haifa Street Food Tour was started in Spring 2016 by professional baker and cook Jessica Halfin.   When she is not guiding food tours, she teaches baking workshops.

Haifa food street tour founder Jessica Halfin

Haifa Street Food Tour combines three of my favorite activities: walking, eating healthy food and talking with interesting people. The tour allows you to form human connections and share memories through the eating experience.

The tour showcases the best of the best in Israeli street food and home-style cooking.

Street food tour highlights:

Shany Bakery is known for their European style pastries.  If you visit around Chanukah, make sure to taste the sufganiyot.

Borekas Bachar HaAgala (Vegetarian and Vegan-Friendly) started as a food cart and offers fresh daily pastries that you can eat at their bakery counter.

Haifa food street tour: Borekas Bachar Ha Agala

For over four decades, Ramzi, the owner of a fruits and vegetables market has supplied customers with the freshest bounties from his corner shop, Gan HaMelech l’Pri V’Yerek, in Haifa’s famed Paris Square.


Falafel Mishel’s offers a mild green falafel made from ground chickpeas and fresh cilantro.  The recipe hails from the famed Christian-Arabic neighborhood of Wadi Nisnas.  A complimentary ball is offered to each customer as they wait for their piping hot lunch, which is served up with a selection of homemade chopped salads and pickles in a warmed pita.

Hairfa food street tour: Falafel Mishel

Hummus Eliyahu (Vegetarian and Vegan-Friendly) owner Adam, and loyal employee Liran dole out the still warm hummus with tahini and smothered with full-bodied olive oil, freshly chopped parsley and local spices,  It is served with hot and extra fluffy pita bread.

Haifa food street tour hummus eliyahu

(Photos by Avi Schumacher. This post is sponsored by Haifa Street Food Tours, whose mission is to connect tourists to Israel in a positive way through Israeli food culture.  Jessica’s work supports local food businesses and “creates a sense of community in Haifa through food.” Thank you so much for supporting the businesses that support Jewish Food Hero.)



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