How to Give Meals a Healthy Makeover That’s So Delicious People Won’t Even Notice

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Meals Healthy MakeoverDid you resolve to eat leaner and greener and healthier this year?

Did you also resolve to eat food you actually like? Dishes that make you look forward to dinner?

So many of us view plant-based food and healthy eating through an all-or-nothing lens. (I know I certainly used to!) But eating more plant-based dishes need not be an exercise in deprivation and tough kale. Really!

You can:
• Add one plant-based dish per meal.
• Substitute one plant-based ingredient for one animal ingredient in one recipe.
• Experiment with cuisines that are “naturally” plant based – no substitutions needed! Many traditional Vietnamese and Indian dishes are totally plant-based.

If you’re ready to take a teeny, tiny step in the direction of a more plant-based kitchen and table, might I point you towards my free, seven-page guide to ingredient swapping?

In it you’ll find ideas for replacing oil, dairy, eggs, and meat, notes on when you can bake instead of fry, understanding which kitchen tools to use, and much more.

Go at your pace and follow what feels interesting or inspiring. The more you put on the table that’s good, the more you crowd out the less healthy options.

Replacement Guide for Healthy Cooking and Baking

Click here to download the guide.




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