How to Create Positive & Beautiful Associations With the Jewish Holidays

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Jewish Holiday Calendar

How do you keep track of Jewish holiday dates for the year?

For me, I used to look at certain Jewish websites. (You know the ones.) The thing is, I never felt connected to the imagery presented around each holiday, nor did I feel inspired.

So I created the Jewish holiday calendar I’ve always wanted.

Having a Jewish holiday calendar in my home is not about perfectly observing each holiday.

It’s about having positive and beautiful associations with the holidays.

In my experience, the only Jewish people who have holiday calendars in their home are observant. However, I think every Jewish home should have one. And here’s why:

As a teaching tool

My daughter now asks questions about the holidays, and having the calendar displayed in my home starts those conversations. She’s attracted to the holiday icons and points to the calendar as she inquires. She knows more about the holidays and our traditions than before I hung the calendar in my kitchen. This was always my intention behind creating this calendar, and it feels like a wonderful dream that it has come true.

To build community

Because of where we live (a small town in Cambodia), most of the people who visit our home are not Jewish. When they see this beautiful calendar, they ask questions about the holidays and learn about Judaism. For me, this is essential to the peaceful future that we all want. The closer we get to one another, learning about the best parts of each other’s cultures, the more we can decrease prejudice and misunderstanding.


The Jewish Food Hero Holiday Calendar is a labor of love spanning multiple countries, religions, and professional artists. It’s a high-quality art piece done by letterpress printing in a limited edition.


If you’d like to reserve a limited edition print (or order multiple copies for your synagogue or child’s school), I’m offering pre-orders soon for my mailing list subscribers–join us here.


And if you’d like to frame your calendar, the perfect one is in now in my Jewish Food Hero Home shop.



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