Introducing: The New Jewish Food Hero Tagline

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Introducing the new Jewish Food Hero tagline

For the first eight months of Jewish Food Hero’s online life, our tagline was “Healthy First, Jewish Always.”

While this tagline was factually accurate, it didn’t feel as inspirational as I wanted it to be, nor did it represent the variety of religious affiliations participating in our conversations and the full range of how I wanted to impact women’s lives.

Today I’m excited to share the new Jewish Food Hero tagline, and tell you more about what it means for you.

Our new tagline is:

Nourishing your mind, body, and spirit.


The word “nourish” means to foster, support, and encourage. Our mission is to nourish your connection to yourself.

“Mind, body, and spirit” illustrates the breadth of how we want to support you. We’ll be debuting some exciting new content, products, and offerings in the coming months with the goal again to be nourishing your whole self.

Quite simply, when your own needs are met, you have more energy and can be a better partner/mother/daughter.

You can show up as the most powerful version of yourself and your gifts to the world can truly be seen.

If you were to tell a friend about Jewish Food Hero, I hope you would be able to describe your:

  • Renewed relationship with yourself
  • New mindfulness, especially around self-care, holidays and rituals, and food
  • Increased self-knowledge and self-worth

We still believe food can be your vehicle to greater health and awareness, and a more compassionate relationship to yourself. And, we want to nourish your whole being at the same time.


Food for thought: If you felt more nourished in your mind, body, and spirit, what would you be able to say “yes” to? What would you finally be able to say “no” to?



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