Interview with Pilates Expert: Niedra Gabriel


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I met Niedra Gabriel online. For weeks and weeks, I benefited from her online Pilates classes. I was so nourished by her words and the movements she proposed in her classes, that I reached out to her. I hope this interview helps you think differently about the importance of movement.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I grew up in Israel and then went to ballet school in London in my high school years. I traveled a lot during this time and became an avid student of the physical arts.

My ultimate life purpose is to unlock the mysteries of the human body as a portal to soul expression. This desire has motivated me to study many types of physical movement, nutrition and personal growth to support and honor the life force through in our bodies as well as share ways to optimize who we are in the world.

I am a seasoned Pilates and Yoga instructor who takes a holistic approach to understanding the body and exploring its tremendous gifts. I am committed to health, fitness and personal growth in both the U.S. and abroad. I’m currently involved in creating and delivering concentrated training, workshops, retreats, teacher training, and continuing education classes.

How do you define movement?
Everything, life is movement! Breathing is movement, being conscious about how you move is functional life affirming “movement” and this includes how I walk, sit, stand and sleep!


5 Sustainable Decorations for Your Shavuot Table


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Shavuot is a celebration of the giving of the Torah and of the summer harvest. To commemorate the flowering of Mount Sinai and to connect us to the summer season, Jews have traditionally decorated their tables and synagogues with flowers and plants.

In recent years, people have become more aware of the damage human consumption causes to our natural resources, and sustainability has become popular. Here are 5 sustainable decorations for your Shavuot table, to ensure you don’t deplete our natural resources while you make your home beautiful.

Potted Plants

Who says flowers only look pretty once they’re cut? Potted plants make for interesting and attractive centerpieces. If you’re already growing plants and flowers, just move them to the table for the day. Or you can go to a local nursery and pick up some potted plants to keep after the holiday or to give to your guests as souvenirs.


What Is In Your Pantry. Lauren Chandler?

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Lauren helps individuals and families grow healthier and happier through learning to cook. Often working in conjunction with clients’ health care providers, she offers customized culinary instruction and meal planning services. In addition to running her own small business, Lauren is the Culinary Wellness Expert at Barre3 and develops and teaches culinary classes to future nutritionists and naturopathic physicians at the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon.

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From the Jewish Food Hero Kitchen: Vegan Pasta Salad

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Try this satisfying and delicious vegan pasta salad. The dressing is creamy and dairy-free. This is a perfect dish to serve for Shavuot. This salad stays true to the “milk-y” theme of the holiday, albeit from plant-based milks.

The chickpeas, corn and pasta make the salad satiating, while the red and yellow peppers add color and crunch. The olives add a touch of salt to please. The dressing is tomato-based with a small amount of tahini to make it creamy. This salad is healthy, as it is oil-free and mayo-free.

This salad can be made a few hours in advance of your meal or even a day ahead. It can be served cold or at room temperature. Serve as a side dish or as a main dish.

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10 Ways Israel is Eating Healthier in Its 69th Year

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Israel eating healthier, healthy eating in Israel

Israel is celebrating her 69th birthday this year. The fledgling pioneer state of Israel’s early years has given way to a sophisticated start-up nation, with a diverse population and a rich culture. Food culture in Israel has developed over the years too, and global trends of healthy eating have made their way there as well. Here are 10 ways Israel is eating healthier today.

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Common Yiddish Words Every Woman Should Memorize


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Yiddish was the daily language of many European Jews for about 1,000 years. On the eve of World War II, there were about 11 million Yiddish speakers, but the decimation of European Jewry in the Holocaust greatly decreased this number, and today there about 1.5 million Yiddish speakers in the world. Despite the small number of speakers, Yiddish words have made their way into other languages, and many Yiddish words and phrases can be found in English and Hebrew.

Yiddish is a truthful language and it captures the depth of emotional experience.

That makes Yiddish the perfect language for women who need precise words to describe their emotional reality. Here are Yiddish words you can use to describe how you feel, what you think and observe.