What Is In Your Pantry, Jessica Grosman?

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What’s in Your Pantry? is a recurring feature where I ask women to tell us more about their food and eating habits by opening up their kitchen pantries to us. This week I’m featuring Jessica Grosman.

Jessica Grosman is a Registered Dietitian, culinary nutrition educator and recipe developer.

How do you typically feel, emotionally, when you open your kitchen pantry?

Opening my pantry can be overwhelming; there are so many different options “screaming” to me on each shelf!  I try to remain focused, but often I get distracted and start looking at different products that I’ve bought or brought back from vacations.

What’s your process for organizing your food pantry?

Each shelf in my pantry has a theme. For example, I have a shelf that has all tomato products and pastas, one has all of my teas, and another has many different kinds of canned and dried beans. When I’m in the mood to cook without a recipe, I open my pantry and look at each shelf, to determine which items will taste good together.

What’s inside your pantry right now?

Jessica Grosman what's in your pantry?

My pantry always has lots of non-perishable ingredients, so I can make a nourishing meal at any time.

Right now, I have:

What’s the healthiest item that you keep in stock?

Coconut Oil. And tahini, lots of tahini!

What about your guilty pleasure that you always have on hand?

What's In Your Pantry, Jessica Grosman?

Dark Chocolate. I love deep flavorful dark chocolate and collect bars when I travel from all over the world. I enjoy a bite or two every day. My favorite chocolate bars in the US right now are from Antidote and Theo.

Some of my most favorite bars are from London. I have a chocolate pen pal who lives in London. We “met” in the summer of 2015 when we both commented on the same post on Instagram. We started following each other and eventually began corresponding by email. We decided that it would be fun to send each other a package of our favorite chocolate bars and became chocolate pen pals!

Compared to your mother, how is your pantry the same or different from what you grew up with?

My pantry is very different from the one that I grew up with. I was raised in the 80s-90s in the Midwest and although my mom always cooked dinner for our family, she stocked her pantry with prepared foods and convenience foods.

My pantry is stocked with ingredients I use daily for cooking meals. I also keep an herb and spice collection in my pantry. When I travel I always buy herbs and spices for my collection.  Except for crackers, pretzels, and a few cans of soup, there are no convenience foods found in my pantry.

If you could change anything about how your pantry is now, what would it be?
I really like my pantry. I’m lucky to have a large kitchen with a variety of storage areas.

In your comments, share with us your guilty pantry pleasure!



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