Recommit to Your Health in 3 Steps

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How to get your health back on track

When you fall out of your healthy routines–whether that’s due to holidays, vacations, an intense work period, family needs, or common neglect–what do you do to recommit to your health?

If you’re anything like most women I know, there’s a small ribbon of shame about what you did or didn’t do to support your health during an unhealthy season.

Maybe you indulged more than you wanted to or didn’t take the time to move your body.

And if you feel bad about that, you might be expressing it through being unkind to your body (the most common way for women to attempt to gain back “control” over themselves).

One woman might be over-exercising, exhausting herself and pushing herself beyond what her body is comfortable with. Another woman might be eating chocolate all the time. Another might just do nothing because it feels impossible to start taking care of herself again.

Today’s post is about how to support yourself in getting back on track with your health. It’s a source of gentle support for you as you emerge from holidays, vacation, heavy work, intense family needs, and it could also support you after you’ve gone through a crisis or dark period in your life.

Recommit to Your Health

What’s Your Pattern?

Start with being honest about how you’re reacting. What’s your pattern after a period of indulgence or falling out of your health routine? Exercising to the point of obsession or exhaustion, or not exercising at all? Eating foods that are high in refined sugars and unhealthy fats, or severely restricting your diet? Is it relying on alcohol or medication to feel better? Bring awareness to your actions by naming your pattern.

Feel Your Feelings

Too often, we ignore, push down, or reject our feelings. We’re ashamed to have certain feelings, and separate from ourselves or judge ourselves when they show up. But fully feeling your feelings is a crucial step in righting the health ship. Whatever feelings you’re experiencing, acknowledge them and let them move through you. That way, they don’t keep you stuck or take up precious space in your psyche.

Practice Self-Support      

Instead of self-abuse with food and exercise, what would it be like to feel bad and still take care of yourself? It’s so important that I’ll repeat it here again: Can you give yourself permission to feel your feelings while caring for yourself at the same time? Your goal here is to re-direct your energy from self-abuse to self-support. Self-support is going to look differently for every woman. What’s your version of self-support? I suspect you already know a few actions that always feel nourishing to you.

In case you could use a reminder, here are some ways you can take care of yourself: through food and drink, movement, spiritual practice, meditation, nature, and supportive relationships.

It’s completely natural to have seasons where your commitment to your health is weaker than others. What matters is the choice to recommit to your health after those seasons, gently and kindly moving into a more nourishing health practice.

Your turn: Comment below to tell me about your pattern and how you’re planning on showing yourself kindness as you recommit to your health.



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