The Importance of Nourishing Your Relationship With Yourself


Returning Home


Returning Home is a self-led email course to nourish your relationship with yourself.

I created it because my dream is that your re-connection with yourself leads you to make healthier choices for yourself (and the world).

My idea of “home” refers to the most essential home—ourselves. This includes our minds, bodies, and spirits.

Here’s what I want to tell you, before anything else: You can trust yourself. You already have everything you need to nourish yourself within you. I hold the value that the only thing you need for your own development is your own time and attention.

I hope that as you reach toward self-actualization, you’re motivated not by fixing what you feel may be “wrong” with yourself, but instead by reconnecting with the best parts of yourself that you intuitively know are already within you.

Excerpt from Invitation #1 in Returning Home:


“Our thoughts create our reality—where we put our focus is the direction we tend to go.” –Peter McWilliams

Our minds have the single biggest impact on our relationships with ourselves. How you think affects your life trajectory, your relationships, your communities, and our world.

It might be helpful to think about your thoughts in two categories:

o   Connecting (The Sage): These are the thoughts that feel connected to who you are becoming, your highest self, and your longing for fulfillment. With these thoughts, your body feels relaxed.

o   Disconnecting (The Saboteur): These are the thoughts that disconnect you from yourself and the present moment. Often they are old stories filled with judgment, limiting beliefs, and rules. While having these thoughts, many women experience physical constriction.

We all have this little voice in our head that tells us we’re not good enough or that we don’t do enough. That voice sabotages your best intentions for forward movement and health. It keeps you playing small.

This is not about good or bad, but rather about supporting or not supporting yourself. Your goal is to allow your thoughts to be supportive to your body, your intellectual pursuits, and your spiritual development.

Your sage voice has access to your deeper wisdom, creativity, compassion, and clear-headed thinking.

Today, begin to notice the circumstances in which your mind tends to pull away from your true self. Intentionally bring yourself back to center, to your heart, and to what you feel are the most nourishing parts of yourself.

Your mind can be your refuge if you let it.

To support your relationship with yourself, I’m giving away one spot in Returning Home.

Enter to win: visit the Returning Home course page, and come back here to leave a comment telling me which invitation you’re most excited to experience.


The giveaway ends at Midnight Eastern Time on Monday, August 24th, and the winner will be chosen by a random number generator and contacted by email.

Update: A winner has been chosen and the giveaway is now closed.



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  1. I strive for this daily. I pass this on, the need to accept and appreciate every event and every day.
    I love this concept

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