The story behind the name Jewish Food Hero

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The story behind the name Jewish Food Hero

Since launching Jewish Food Hero six months ago, I’ve received several questions about meaning behind the name. Some of you thought it referred to me, as in I thought I was a Jewish Food Hero. Nope.

Here’s the real story behind the name Jewish Food Hero…

When I first moved to Cambodia in 2011, I was reading a book called Cambodia’s Curse: The Modern History of a Troubled Land in which the author stated that modern Cambodia is in need of a political “hero.”

This got me wondering about whether all countries and ethnic groups need heroes. I think the answer to that is “yes.”

At the same time, I was searching online for modern Jewish recipes that were healthy and inspirational. I couldn’t find anything remotely close to what I was looking for.

I started fantasizing about a “Jewish Food Hero” – a female archetype that could help me feel more connected to Judaism and create meals that are good for my body, my soul, my family, and the world.

The Jewish Food Hero calls out to the healthy hero within each of us. It helps us all to create a new and healthy food future for the Jewish people, one that is connected to our most beautiful traditions while being grounded in the present.

It’s here to help all of us create healthy meals to showcase the very best of Jewish holidays alongside the best version of ourselves.

I am not the Jewish Food Hero. Jewish Food Hero is the potential within all of us.

Food for thought: How do you connect with the healthy hero within yourself?



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