10 Simple Organic Staples You Can Start Buying in Bulk Today


Here is a list of 10 Simple Organic Staples You Can Start Buying in Bulk Today. Buying selective healthy staples in bulk is an effective way to:

  • lower your weekly grocery bill
  • reduce the time and energy you spend going to,  grocery shopping.
  • have healthy ingredients on hand to make simple balanced meal

People want healthy food and organic products are more expensive. The reality is that many of your regular go-to organic pantry staples are available in larger quantities for lower prices per pound (or kilo).

Shopping for organic staples in bulk reduces costs. 

Here is a more complete Essential Vegan Kosher Staples List.

The list of vegan essentials is what I bought during my last grocery haul in the United States. 

organic short grain brown rice

Brown rice is chewy and nutty. It has more protein and fiber than white rice.

red lentils

Pulses of all kinds are great to have in stock. Pulses like Red lentils are one of the easiest to cook as there is no need to pre-soak or use a pressure cooker at all and they’re also very easy to digest. Perfect for dishes like vegetable and lentil soup, fragrant dahl, you can even use a handful to thicken a stew.

chickpeas (low sodium)

These chickpeas are low sodium for better health and they’re super convenient, so you can make a simple hummus at the drop of a hat, add a few spoonfuls to a stew or throw some on top of some raw vegetables for a satisfying salad.

apple cider vinegar

This health food is very en vogue at the moment and prices can be high as a result. Buy in bulk to save money on this essential – it is equally useful in cooking as it is as a medicine, or even a cleaning product!

smooth light roast peanut butter

Many mass-produced nut butters contain additional oils, sugars and preservatives and these ingredients are not only unnecessary but damaging to our bodies. I love this simple version spread on a chunk of bread, mixed with soy and vinegar to make an Asian style dipping sauce, or even stirred through vegan African peanut stew.


Oats are a slow release carbohydrate, which means they sustain energy levels for longer and prevent slumps and mood crashes. Oatmeal for breakfast (and dinner if you’re anything like me), nutritious oat balls for kids’ lunchboxes, baked with honey to make oil free granola, or simply sprinkled raw into vegan yoghurt to make a satisfying breakfast, snack or desert. There’s no limit to uses for oats.

vegetable broth

Don’t just think of soups, did you know you can even use broth as an alternative to oil for “frying” to soften veggies? This is such a kitchen staple, having plenty in stock will always come in handy.

Chickpea Pasta

It’s no secret that I’m a passionate advocate of plenty of carbs and some people can find that eating pastas leaves them feeling bloated and can make digestion sluggish. This chickpea pasta version contains more fibre and the bonus is it’s coeliac friendly.  


Keeping hydrated is important for general health, concentration and digestion but too often we drink too little.  Too little fluid can even contribute to feelings of tiredness and irritability ! It is easy to switch out some caffeinated beverages for some of this fancy tea to help you get better rest at night.

Cleaning Products

Many of us skip on buying organic and ecological cleaning products because of price but this is a shame for our environment.  The wholesale prices on these cleaning products might change our shopping behavior for the better!

All this to say that I found a positive way to find to buy wholesale organic products in bulk.   

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