18 Non-Toxic Cleaning Products That Are Proven Effective and Healthy

Non-toxic cleaning products are healthier for our homes and our environment. Today most of us want to find products:

  • That are created using healthy ingredients for our bodies
  • That respect and do not harm our environment.
  • That are produced by green businesses

Unfortunately, most people do not buy non-toxic organic cleaning products because

  • they feel less important than healthy food (I doubt this is true)
  • the price point is too high

With non-toxic organic cleaning products, one strategy to save time and bring down the cost per unit is to buy at wholesale prices.

Here are 18 non-toxic organic home products that I sourced from Live Green, a new affordable organic wholesale online market that runs on a Costco membership model.


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Clothes: Non-toxic laundry liquids and clothes maintenance products

Biokleen Laundry Liquid

  • Special enzymes neutralize odors caused by perspiration
  • Extracts of Lavender and Eucalyptus.
  • No artificial fragrance or colors

Ecover 2x Laundry Detergent – Lavender Field

  • Works in cold water, which means you can use less energy for every load.
  • Made with plant-based ingredients; biodegradable formula is gentle on your skin and the environment.
  • 100% natural lavender fragrance

Ecover Delicate Wash

  • Ideal for fine fabrics, silks, and wool
  • Biodegradable, plant-based ingredients, formula that is safe for your skin, as well as the environment.

Biokleen Bac-Out Stain and Odor Remover

  • Blend of live enzyme-producing cultures, citrus extracts and plant-based surfactants
  • Removes the toughest stains: pets, kids and everyday disasters.
  • CONTAINS NO chlorine, ammonia, butyl, glycol ether, SLS or SLES, DEA or EPA priority pollutants.

Grab Green Bleach Alternative – Fragrance Free

  • Eco-responsible pods: pre-measured concentrated pods are simple to use and worry free.
  • Laundry booster for brightening whites and removing stains.

Home: Non-toxic All Purpose Sponge

Scrub Sponge from TWIST

  • Effective for your kitchen, furniture, bath and outdoor purposes.
  • Dye-free, and also doesn’t use any plastics or toxic adhesives.

Home: Non-toxic All Purpose Cleaner

Better Life All-Purpose Cleaner

  • Environmentally safe home cleaner for our families and planet.
  • Good for any washable non-porous surface, including countertops, appliances, sinks, toilets, walls, baseboards, floors, tables, chairs, showers, and tubs.
  • For daily cleaning, spills and messes.


Dishes: Non-Toxic Dish Products

Seventh Generation Dish Liquid – Free And Clear

  • Dishwashing liquid with no dyes or synthetic fragrances.
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable liquid dish soap formula.
  • 100% recycled plastic bottle (excluding colorant).

Seventh Generation Auto Dish Packs – Free And Clear

  • Convenient Single-Use Packs.
  • Cleans without chlorine, phosphates or synthetic fragrances.

Kitchen: Cleaning Cloth and Trash Bags

E-cloth Kitchen Cleaning Cloth

  • Multi-purpose kitchen cleaning cloth.
  • Offers perfect, chemical-free cleaning for all hard kitchen surfaces using just water.
  • True Chemical Free Cleaning – Kitchen cloth fibers attract moisture and oil and trapping dirt/grease/grime and proven to remove over 99% of bacteria from hard surfaces with just water.
  • Guaranteed for 300 machine washings.

Kitchen Trash Bags

If You Care Tall Kitchen Trash Bags – Certified Compostable

  • Made from potato starch from non-GMO starch potatoes blended with a certified, fully compostable polymer.
  • No plasticizers are added.


Glass: Non-toxic Glass Cleaner

Better Life See Clearly Glass Cleaner

  • Free of harmful solvents and Volatile Organic Compounds.
  • makes a clean, streak-free shine on any glass surface.
  • Safe for you, your family, and the planet.

Bathroom: Non-Toxic Bathroom Products

Better Life Cleaner – Tub & Tile

  • Naturally powered by plant surfactants, organic citrus acids and essential oils.
  • Dissolves soap scum, hard water stains and mineral deposits. Removes mold, mildew stains & rust.
  • Non Toxic and safe – FREE OF: bleaches, ammonia, petro-chemical solvents, sulfates (SLS/SLES), phosphates, synthetic fragrances, dyes.

Ecover Toilet-Bowl Cleaner- Mild Pine Scent

  • Angled spout makes it easy to use.
  • Removes tough stains, decalcifies and freshens.
  • Quick and complete biodegradability minimum impact on aquatic life.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Safe for septic tank.

Candles: Non-toxic Scent

Mrs. Meyer’s Soy Candle – Lavender

  • Jar is reusable.
  • 35 hours burn time.
  • Made with essential oils and plant-derived ingredients.
  • Free of animal-derived ingredients and not tested on animals.


Produce Wash

Biokleen Produce Wash

  • Safely removes chemical sprays, waxes and soils leaving no residue or taste behind.
  • No negative effects on rivers, streams, plants or wildlife.
  • No artificial fragrances, colors, or preservatives.


Hands: Soap and Cream

Kiss My Face Bar Soap Pure Olive Oil Fragrance Free

  • Perfect kitchen soap to wash hands before meals.
  • Leaves skin clean and soft.
  • Vegan, meaning it doesn’t contain rendered animal fat.

Weleda Hand Creme – Evening Primrose Age Revitalizing

  • Perfect to use after cooking, washing dishes or kitchen cleaning.
  • 91% organic, vegan and gluten-free.
  • Light, floral fragrance inspired by evening primrose flowers.
  • Created with sunflower seed oil, sesame seed oil and olive oil, shea butter and wheat germ oil.


I am in hopes that this resource supports your best intentions to create a non-toxic home.

SPECIAL OFFER: Jewish Food Hero readers get a 14-day free-trial and exclusive discount off their first purchase.  

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Your turn:  Name 1 non-toxic household cleaning product you would add to this list.

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