18 Wise Yiddish Sayings on Friendship

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Here are 18 Wise Yiddish Sayings on Friendship

Friendship is powerful. On one hand friendship is supportive, joyful and helps us to grow. On the other hand, it is complex and can be painful. As we grow from children to adults, the relationships we cultivate become increasingly complex.

There’s an aspect of this complexity which is to do with how we play out our unresolved emotional issues within the confines of friendship. Self-awareness can help us to make sure we can be our best selves in our friendships and avoid hurting our friends.

These Yiddish quotes are truthful and capture the emotional complexity of friendship.  They are grounding to read and offer us “food for thought” about our friendships.

Here are 18 Jewish sayings about friendship.

Your turn:  Which saying resonates the most with you?

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