June 11, 2019 • Jewish Food Hero

Healthy Noodle Kugel- Jewish Food Hero Kitchen

This sweet and peppery vegan healthy noodle kugel is delicious.  It has all the taste points of traditional kugal while being lighter and healthier. It tastes good hot, lukewarm or cold. About Traditional Kugel Recipes Traditional kugel recipes are made using lots of animal dairy product – milk, eggs, butter….. to say the least they […]

Twice Baked Sweet Potato Tzimmes – Jewish Food Hero Kitchen

A new twist on classic tzimmes: a twice baked sweet potato tzimmes version. Tzimmes (sometimes spelled tsimmes) is a traditional Ashkenazi Jewish sweet stew typically made from carrots and dried fruits such as prunes or raisins, often combined with other root vegetables. Tzimmes is often part of the Rosh Hashanah meal, when it is traditional […]

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