Dox’s Vegan Challah Clouds Recipe

Dox’s Vegan Challah Clouds Recipe is set apart by its fluffy topping. This is a vegan enriched dough, with the subtle fragrance of vanilla and topped with softly sprinkled flour. The finished product has the appearance and texture of clouds.  This delicious and stunning crowd-pleaser of a challah recipe is also included in Feeding Women […]

Arianna Shares Yaya’s Matzah Ball Soup Recipe

Arianna Brooks shares her recipe for Yaya’s Matzah Ball Soup. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Matzah Ball Soup – where have you been?! This is a deeply flavorsome chicken broth, with dumplings made from crushed matzo (a.k.a. unleavened bread), bound together with fat and egg.* *As you probably notice, this dish is […]