4 Natural Ways to Relieve Constipation During Passover (without taking laxatives)

Constipation is a real experience for many of us during Passover because we change our diets. When we abstain from chametz, we may be giving up our go-to favorite foods like bread and bread products, oats and wheat-based cereals, and corn and beans if you follow Ashkenazi tradition. (I decided to start eating Kitniyot a few years ago to have a healthier food experience.)

A food consequence of Passover may be that you eat more dairy, meat, and processed kosher-for-Passover products.

Eating dairy, meat, and processed kosher-for-Passover products will allow you to “keep” kosher for Passover but at what cost for your body?

Assuming that you have healthy bowel movements during the rest of the year, constipation during Passover can be caused by diet and dehydration. Of course, taking chemical laxatives will relieve any temporary constipation but they are not the most natural option.

4 Natural alternatives to laxatives and lifestyle changes that can help alleviate constipation during Passover.

Relieve passover constipation

Move Your Body

We’re free to move our bodies before, during, and after any holiday as a way of taking care of ourselves. (Here are 7 ideas for moving your body during the holidays.) Exercising during the Passover holiday is a good way to help if you experience constipation.

Eat fiber rich foods

Center your plate and your diet predominately with plant foods like fruits, vegetables, starchy vegetables from the squash family and roots tubers like potato and sweet potato during Passover.  Plant foods are filled naturally with water and fiber.  Water and fiber allow your body to naturally produce bulkier and softer stool therefore making bowel movements easier to pass.

Eat Minimally Processed Foods

During Passover (and all year long for that matter) Enjoy foods as close to “as grown in nature” with minimal processing that does not detract from the nutritional value and/or add any harmful components. There are a lot of kosher-for-Passover processed foods on the market today and none of these are as good for our body as whole foods like fruits, vegetables, starchy vegetables and roots tubers.

Drink A Lot of Water

In addition to eating fiber rich food, drinking a lot of water helps hydrate the body. Dehydration is a common cause of constipation. Quite simply, if your body does not have enough water in its system, then your body has a harder time producing soft and bulky stool. Drinking 6-8 glasses of caffeine-free liquid every day during Passover helps your bowels work properly. Still water and herbal teas are good options.  

There are so many plant based foods that can help us have regular bowel movements during Passover. Here are 17 Delicious Plant-Based Recipes Your Eyes, Mouth and Gut Will Love This Passover that you can enjoy.

If you looking for more fiber-rich plant-based Jewish recipes you’ll love the Jewish Food Hero Cookbook: 50 Plant-Based Recipes

Jewish Food Hero Cookbook // jewishfoodhero.com

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