7 Rosh Hashanah Gifts that Women Actually Love


Rosh Hashanah Gifts for Women

When I give a woman a gift, I want her to feel special.  My hope is that she will love what I have chosen for her and that the item will be one of her favorite things.

For a Rosh Hashanah gift this year, I have 7 ideas that women will love.  

When I was thinking about Rosh Hashanah gifts, I had three principles in mind

beautiful and functional  

ecological and special

edible and natural

Beautiful and functional

The annual Jewish holiday schedule is variable.  The actual dates of each holiday change every year.  So to keep track, Jewish women must have a Jewish holiday calendar.  This Jewish holiday calendar is functional and beautiful.

Rosh Hashanah Gifts

Ecological and Special

Cloth napkins are good for the environment, they bring a sensory element to the table and they make any meal feel special.  

Madder Root is a family owned company I discovered at the Maine Artisan Bread Fair in Skowhegan, Maine a few years ago.  These napkins are a go-to gift for me when I want to say “thank you”.

If you want to make something personalized, these monogrammed napkins on antique and vintage French Linen are beautiful.  Order early as they are made and ship from France.

Rosh Hashanah Gifts for Women

Edible and Natural

Honey makes a perfect gift as it is a symbolic food during Rosh Hashanah seder until Yom Kippur. We eat it to signify our wish for a sweet year ahead.  Raw honey is the best choice for our health (read about raw honey’s health attributes here)

Bee Raw Honey offers raw honey in glass jars and you can buy one of their curated honey “collections” as a beautiful and delicious gift.

Manuka honey is an amazing superfood.  This one is raw, unpasteurized and non-GMO Verified.  

Rosh Hashanah Gifts for Women

Almost every woman I interview in my “What’s In Your Pantry Series” reveals that they keep a stash of chocolate in their pantry.  Here are 2 chocolate gift ideas that would make most of the women I know smile.

Looking for a special vegan kosher truffle?  There is so much to feel good about with Dear Coco chocolates – they use only sustainable cocoa, environmental packaging and only natural ingredients.

Holy Cocoa is for the woman who is both serious and specific about her chocolate.  They offer so many percentage options – even 100%.  Plus their packaging includes beautiful drawn illustrations of chocolate making machinery.

Rosh Hashanah Gifts for Women

Your turn:  What do you think makes a perfect Rosh Hashanah gift from women?

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