7 Simple (But Important) Things To Remember About Buying Organic Products

Organic non-toxic products are healthier for our homes and our environment. Today most of us search for healthy and all natural food, body and cleaning products. We want products that are:

    • Healthy for our bodies and our homes
    • Respectful of, and do not harm, our environment
  • Made by green businesses.

But sometimes it just doesn’t feel practical to buy organic non-toxic products because:

    • They may be harder to find
    • The price point is higher
  • You might wonder if it is worth it to spend the extra money on organic food, beauty products and cleaning products.  

I want to share with you my favorite simple tips for buying organic non-toxic products online:

Read Labels:

Whether you are buying food, beauty or cleaning products, reading ingredient labels is essential. Knowing the specific ingredients in the food you are eating, in the beauty product you are applying to your body, and in the products you use to clean your house with is a good practice. When buying online, take the time to read the ingredient list. Ignorance never helped anyone!

Buy At Wholesale Prices Online

Unfortunately, most people do not buy non-toxic organic food, body and cleaning products simply because the price point is too high. One strategy to bring down the cost per unit is to buy at wholesale prices. Follow this link to find 22k+ non-toxic organic products at wholesale prices.

Buy Your Favorite Staples In Bulk:

When you buy your favorite organic staples in bulk, you save money and reduce packaging waste. Two keys about buying bulk food are:

    • Chose the healthy foods you are sure to eat.
  • Purchase goods you know you will use.

You defeat the point if you buy in bulk and never use it! It also ensures that you will decrease the packaging of the smaller portions you buy.

Focus on Products You Love Already

Shopping online takes time and energy. Sometimes it is fun to search for your next favorite organic product. Often times, it is a distraction. You don’t want to be looking for the next best product when you already have favorites. Save time by keeping a list of brands you love and keep reusing them. Talk to friends and family about eco-friendly brands they love. Remember, the idea is not to waste your precious time searching for new products.

Get Recommendations For New Products

There are so many products available that it can be hard to make good buying choices. Whether you are looking for organic food, beauty or cleaning products, it helps to get recommendations from people and sources you trust.

Here are three curated organic shopping lists:

    • Here is a link to 18 non-toxic cleaning products that are proven safe and effective
    • Follow this link to 18 vegan + kosher staples for your pantry

Plant Trees With Every Online Purchase

When I shop online for organic food, body products and cleaning supplies via Amazon or Live Green (a new online organic wholesale market) I support the planting of trees in Senegal, Cameroon, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. Follow this link to find out how I plant trees every time you shop on Amazon.

Reduce Your Shipping

As more and more of us shop online, more packages are shipped nationally and internationally. Many call this the Amazon effect with the advent of free shipping in the early 2000s. Regardless of whether shipping seems “free” in the moment, all this shipping takes its toll on the environment. For this reason, choose to group your items into as few shipments as possible.

Your turn:  What is a healthy practice you follow when shopping online?

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