8 Perfect Baked Doughnuts For a Healthier Hanukkah


A sufganiyot is a round, fried donut which is eaten around the world at Chanukah. Sufganiyah are most commonly filled with jam or custard and covered in powdered sugar, but the possibilities for this versatile and adaptable food are endless.

Jewish people traditionally eat fried foods at Chanukah as a way of commemorating the miracle of the temple oil. I prefer to light an oil candle to commemorate the miracle rather than use my body to connect with the holiday (i.e. to eat the oil) and here is why. Eating large amounts of oil makes me feel sluggish and today there are many healthier ways to enjoy doughnuts.

Here are 8 recipes for healthier doughnuts that we can enjoy this year.

Vegan Raspberry Donuts

These pretty pink baked donuts are completely oil free. They have a creamy richness from light coconut milk, and the tart freshness of raspberry taste runs through the whole batter. Although you will need fresh raspberries if you want to decorate them, the recipe itself uses frozen berries, so these can be made from all store cupboard ingredients. Make them today!

Baked Strawberry-Glazed Sufganiyot (GF options)

These baked sufganiyot are a re-make of the traditional strawberry classic. These are just as delicious but lighter tasting and they are so better for us  than the traditional deep-fried ones. There is a tiny bit of oil in this recipe. These easy baked doughnuts avoid all the traditional mess of deep-frying. Glistening with strawberry glaze, these doughnuts will delight you and your guests.

Vegan Mini Powdered Donuts

The creator of these beauties describes them as “very unorthodox”, but don’t let that put you off. These baked mini donuts are sweetened with dates and there are suggestions for more than 10 different powdered toppings, to recreate the texture without the sugar-crash of traditional icing-coated donuts. Powdered peanut butter, anyone?

Vegan Baked Savory Donuts

You heard me right. Savoury baked donuts. An unusual proposition but if you think about it it’s kind of like a savoury scone, right? These are filled with fragrant herbs and would be great as an accompaniment to a soup for a satisfying but light evening Hanukkah meal.

Baked Vegan Apple Cider Doughnuts

Hearty, spiced and sweet, these cider-infused donuts are coated with delicious cinnamon sugar. Your house will be filled with gorgeous aromas. If you don’t have a donut pan, why not bake these in a muffin tin, scoop out the middle and fill with applesauce and chopped walnuts?

Baked jelly filled donuts

I love the idea of a baked filled donut as a non-fried alternative to the traditional Sufganiyot. The recipe here calls for butter, milk and egg. Try substituting

  • the butter with applesauce,
  • the milk with plant-based milk,
  • the egg with this egg replacer. 

Cinnamon Chai Baked Red Lentil Doughnuts

Get. Out. Of. Town. Lentil flour, mashed banana, chai tea, vanilla bean paste? Frost them with cashew cream? Oh go on then. Did you know that you can make lentil flour easily by pulsing lentils in a food processor? Serve them with strong black coffee or a hot, sweet tea.

Raw Red Velvet Donuts

Vegan and gluten free, not only are these not fried, they’re not even cooked! The only elbow work involved is the strength to press pulse on your food processor. The healthy, satisfying nut oils are a way to honour Chanukah traditions without filling our bodies with extra oil from frying. You can even shape these in your hands, so there’s no need for a donut pan for this recipe.

If you are looking for a good quality non-stick donut baking pan, here is one that I recommend.

Your turn:  Place your favorite healthier doughnut recipe in the comments below.

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