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Hi, I’m Kenden, and I began Jewish Food Hero because I was looking to connect with other Jewish people who care about healthy food and modern Jewish life.

From 2005-2020, I lived and worked in 6 different countries, often among traditional cultures where people shared food all the time. I realized they were not just sharing something to fill their stomachs- they were sharing life!

In my own home, I strove to create an environment that reinforced life-affirming Jewish values, connections, and symbols, and I didn’t want to do so alone.

At Jewish Food Hero, we know that the way we eat impacts our health and our planet. We believe that our kitchens and our tables are a wonderful place to connect to our tradition and our world.

While we once had an emphasis on plant-based food, we now seek to reflect our belief that there is no one right diet for every person, and the only common thread among our recipes is that they follow the customs of a kosher kitchen.

Jewish Food Hero aims to create a positive community of members from all over the world  – starting with you! We invite you to share the recipes you are making, the things you are thinking about, and the values you hold close.

At Jewish Food Hero, we create cookbooks that reflect what we are passionate about: conscientious food preparation and uplifting Torah study.

We make beautiful designs to make the practice of Jewish blessings and customs more inviting and accessible in our homes.

And mainly, we seek to connect with other Jewish homes around the world, and to create a space for all of us to share what’s cooking in our kitchens and in our lives.

We’re so happy you are here!

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