Baked Strawberry-Glazed Sufganiyot

Sufganiyot are an iconic traditional food for Hanukkah. A traditional sufganiyot is a round, fried doughnut filled with jelly.  They are delicious but they are so oily and feel so heavy in our stomach.   I wanted to make a baked sufganiyot recipe for Hanukkah that is better for us than the traditional deep-fried ones. Although […]

10 Simple Organic Staples You Can Start Buying in Bulk Today

Here is a list of 10 Simple Organic Staples You Can Start Buying in Bulk Today. Buying selective healthy staples in bulk is an effective way to: lower your weekly grocery bill reduce the time and energy you spend going to,  grocery shopping. have healthy ingredients on hand to make simple balanced meal People want […]

What’s In Your Pantry, Lyndi Cohen?

What’s in Your Pantry? is a recurring feature where I ask women to tell us more about their food and eating habits by opening up their kitchen pantries to us. This week I’m featuring Lyndi Cohen. Lyndi is an Australian TV dietitian known as The Nude Nutritionist. When she quit dieting, she lost 20kg and […]

Chag Notebook: Danielle Flug Capalino

One of my goals with the Chag Notebook series is to tell stories from our global female Jewish community. To help me reach this goal, I contacted the Joint Distribution Committee, which works to help build Jewish life and leadership all over the world. They connected me with Danielle Flug Capalino a Registered Dietitian, Author, […]

7 Ways To Add More Mindfulness To The Jewish Holidays

In modern culture, there is a lot of talk about mindfulness and how it can help our physical and mental health in general. Can mindfulness be integrated into our Jewish holiday experience? In thinking about it, there might be two questions: Can mindfulness help us stay more present with our own experience during the holidays? […]

7 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Meat and Dairy Consumption During the Jewish

Outside of the synagogue, the Jewish holidays are celebrated in large part by enjoying communal meals and eating (too much) special food. For many of us, these special meals are meat or dairy rich. When I last checked, most Jewish people do not want to celebrate the holidays with 100% vegan or vegetarian meals because […]

Ultimate Guide to Healthier Challah Recipes

This is Absolutely the Best Vegan Challah Recipe (+ Two Surprising Ingredients) and it came about by accident one morning at 5am when I ran out of one ingredient and had to resort to another. More healthier Challah options below. Challah is one of the central iconic Jewish foods served every Shabbat and on some […]

7 Simple (But Important) Things To Remember About Buying Organic Products

Organic non-toxic products are healthier for our homes and our environment. Today most of us search for healthy and all natural food, body and cleaning products. We want products that are: Healthy for our bodies and our homes Respectful of, and do not harm, our environment Made by green businesses. But sometimes it just doesn’t […]

29 Simple Life Questions To Ask Yourself During the Month of Elul

This year, the month of Elul begins sundown on the 11th August and finishes at sundown on the 9th of September. Elul is a 29 day period before Rosh Hashanah. During this time, many people carry an idea that Elul should be a month that includes introspection. For most of us, Elul often passes by […]

What’s In Your Pantry, Helene Abiola?

What’s in Your Pantry? is a recurring feature where I ask women to tell us more about their food and eating habits by opening up their kitchen pantries to us. This week I’m featuring Helene Abiola. Helene is a New Yorker and a mother to one very active toddler named Harvey. She holds a masters degree […]

36 Jewish Quotes on Resilience That Will Teach You How To Be Strong

Last year before Rosh Hashanah, I collected a few sentences from the Rosh Hashanah prayers that I feel are particularly meaningful. One of the prayers is: “Transform my suffering into gladness,” based on Cantor’s Personal Prayer before Musaf. One of the highest forms of suffering I can imagine is the loss of a child. I […]

Healthier Pareve Honey Cake – The Jewish Food Hero Kitchen

Honey is a Rosh Hashanah tradition. The traditional dessert in Ashkenazie tradition is a honey sweetened cake called Lekach, also known affectionately as Jewish honey cake. We eat honey at Rosh Hashanah to taste our hopes for a sweet and good New Year. I wanted to create a healthier Pareve recipe for Jewish honey cake […]

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