Why A Jewish Woman Studies Jesus and The New Testament

Two years ago, I was searching for Jewish ideas about Jesus for two reasons: First, my daughter had returned home from school one day with the question “Who is Jesus?” and I did not know what to say. Secondly, I wanted a skillful way to respond to questions posed by well meaning Christians about what […]

What’s In Your Pantry, Esther Klein?

What’s in Your Pantry? is a recurring feature where I ask women to tell us more about their food and eating habits by opening up their kitchen pantries to us. This week I’m featuring Esther Klein.   Esther says that she is  “addicted to snacking” She channeled this love of snacking into a Instagram account and […]

5 Ways Advance Planning Makes The Jewish Holidays a Tiny Bit Easier

Your relationship with planning is often a function of your upbringing and your personality. How far you plan in advance If you plan using a digital or paper calendar or agenda If you plan using directives or lists If you thrive on meeting last minute due dates If you need a lot of time to […]

Letterpress Jewish Holiday Calendar 5779 Available Now

  The annual letterpress Jewish holiday calendar 5779 is available now until July 18th.   If you’re doing a Google search every time you want to find out the exact dates for this year’s Jewish holidays, writing them in your paper planner, or entering them once into your electronic calendar, the holidays can feel out […]

18 Non-Toxic Cleaning Products That Are Proven Effective and Healthy

cleaning products

Non-toxic cleaning products are healthier for our homes and our environment. Today most of us want to find products: That are created using healthy ingredients for our bodies That respect and do not harm our environment. That are produced by green businesses Unfortunately, most people do not buy non-toxic organic cleaning products because they feel […]

28 Yiddish Phrases About Children

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These 28 Yiddish Phrases About Children will make you raise your eyebrows – especially the one that is an insult! For more thought-provoking Jewish quote compilations, look no further than Jewish Food Hero’s collections! Yiddish is a truthful language and it captures the depth of emotional experience. Personally, I enjoy reflecting on quotations. In our […]

6 Simple Whole Foods Your Child Can Learn To Love

As parents, we influence what our child eats and how they feel about food. Food culture deeply impacts how we feed our children. There are many problems with the modern diet today, including that we eat: Too much added sugars Too much salt Too many refined grains products Too much fat and oil To0 much overly […]

Blessings For Children (+ Beautiful Printable Children’s Blessing)

  It is a custom in many Jewish homes that parents bless their children on Friday night during the Shabbat ritual. Most use the “Children’s Blessing”* that is written in a Shabbat prayer book. Following the blessing, some parents whisper loving words into their child’s ear. This moment is one of the most heartfelt during […]

What is Kosher-for-Passover in a Processed Food Society?

Kosher-for-Passover processed foods are increasingly available. From cake mixes, candies, and snacks, a lot of these foods are junk food and playing off our vulnerability. Most of us relate Passover with food restriction and deprivation rather than food freedom.   “Junk food” refers to low quality, low nutritional value processed foods. Junk foods contain detrimental […]

4 Natural Ways to Relieve Constipation During Passover (without taking laxatives)

Constipation is a real experience for many of us during Passover because we change our diets. When we abstain from chametz, we may be giving up our go-to favorite foods like bread and bread products, oats and wheat-based cereals, and corn and beans if you follow Ashkenazi tradition. (I decided to start eating Kitniyot a […]

Finally, the truth about how much Matzah you must eat during Passover revealed

Passover is an important holiday. The dietary restrictions have an impact on our bodies and energy levels. Good to know: We are instructed to eat matzah only at the Pesach seders themselves. During the rest of the holiday, eating matzah is optional. For many of us (myself included), a little matzah is ok for our […]