Sibel’s Vegan Avikas Con Espinaka Recipe

Sibel's Vegan Avikas Con Spinaka

This Community Recipe is Sibel’s Vegan Avikas Con Espinaka, which means bean with spinach in tomato sauce in Ladino language. Ladino is Judaeo-Spanish or Judeo-Spanish, a Romance language derived from Old Spanish. A one-pot no-waste meal, you can vary this recipe according to what you have on hand. This simple vegan dish is full of […]

Bonny’s Vegan Sweet Potato Chickpea Burgers

This Community Recipe is Bonny’s Vegan Sweet Potato Chickpea Burgers. They are made with mashed sweet potato, chickpeas and kidney beans, with subtle spice from cumin, garlic and pepper. These soft-centred patties have a cornflake coating for a super crunchy exterior. Serve them on soft bread buns full of crunchy salad and tangy pickles.  Community […]

18 Supportive Ways Jewish Women Keep Themselves From Overeating

In November, 2017, I wrote to the Jewish Food Hero community (what I refer to as our digital sisterhood. You can join us here) and asked them to contribute ideas for a blog post about not overeating. Part of what I wrote in the newsletter: I am preparing my notes to write a blog post […]