The Jewish Food Hero Cookbook

Is There a Way to Incorporate More Healthy Options on My Holiday Table?

Jewish Food Hero Cookbook: 50 Simple Plant-Based Recipes for Your Holiday Meals

A Digital Cookbook to Add More Healthy Food to Your Holiday Table




Truthfully, sometimes our holidays feel heavy, both in terms of the food, the family drama, and the pressure to create a perfect celebration.

You want to create beautiful memories for your family and friends, but feel obligated to use the same recipes year after year as a way of honoring your traditions.

And if you’re honest with yourself, your body doesn’t always feel good after holiday meals. It often disrupts your eating routines, and you sometimes wonder if poor health or weight gain is the price to pay for engagement in Jewish life.

You’d love to be able to start your own healthy holiday traditions in a simple, effortless way—and even celebrate more Jewish holidays than you already are—but you’re not confident you can do it on your own and haven’t found any resources that inspire you to get started.

Jewish Food Hero is here to help.

The Jewish Food Hero Cookbook was created for all of us. It’s a digital cookbook with 50 simple plant-based recipes for your holiday meals.

The recipes are designed to inspire you to honor your traditions AND add healthy food to the holiday table. You’ll be able to serve healthy food not as an obligation, but from a place of knowledge and confidence.

Imagine feeling:

• Relief from using healthy recipes that have already been tried and tested on Jewish holiday tables
• Pleasure that comes from feeding your family and guests healthy food (instead of heavy dishes that aren’t good for our bodies or the environment) that looks beautiful on your holiday table and feels good in your body
• Pride from serving your family members, mother-in-law, close friends, and other guests modern, innovative Jewish dishes that look impressive (but are very simple to shop for and prepare)

Can I tell you a secret?



The more healthy food you add to the table, the less room there is for food that’s unhealthy. It’s possible for you and your family to truly feel healthy, nourished, and energized on the holidays.

gridAlong with a panel of recipe testers, I’ve cooked and served every recipe in this cookbook at my holiday tables.

The ingredients and instructions were created to be as simple as possible and are accessible to meat-eaters and vegans, alike! All the ingredients that are called for in the menus are kosher pareve.

The recipes align with what we know about the benefits of plant-based food, and pull from our traditional and symbolic dishes for each particular holiday.

It’s the pairing of both traditional and modern, healthy food that will create the most authentic, vivid, and special celebration.

I’m confident you’re going to love the Jewish Food Hero Cookbook as much as my family does.

What Does the Jewish Food Hero Cookbook Offer?

The cookbook contains 50 simple, healthy recipes for the 10 major Jewish holidays that are kosher pareve and plant centered.

Every holiday menu includes:
· An appetizer, one main dish, two side dishes, and a dessert
· One dish that can be made with children’s help
· An inspiring energetic theme to ground and center you before each holiday
· Easy-to-understand instructions
· Beautiful photos for each recipe
· Dishes with new flavors and food combinations
· Holiday grocery lists that make shopping simple
· Tools to make your holidays healthy, inspiring, and modernbutternut_risotto

Choose Your Own Approach


There are a few different ways you can use the cookbook for your holiday meals:
• Cook the entire holiday menu, from appetizer to dessert
• Pick a few dishes or ingredients to combine with your meat or dairy recipes
• Use one recipe from the menu to add to your holiday tableJFH_sales_page_graphics_mar16_4

What People Are Saying About the Cookbook


“I really do love meat, so I was hesitant about trying to make a vegan dish but after making them myself I realized that plant-based recipes can be delicious and actually doable! These recipes were also significantly healthier, more accessible (kosher meat in Maine is hard to find!), and cheaper.” —Rabbi Rachel M. Isaacs

“Wow. These menus give me hope. Maybe I can enjoy cooking these meals! Maybe the kitchen doesn’t have to be a place I avoid! Maybe I can invite those extra handful of guests I usually feel so overwhelmed by. These menus give me a sense of clarity, organization, and calm. Now I can serve food that is both beautiful and healthy!” —Chaya Lester, Psychotherapist

“I tend to find Jewish food a bit disappointing at the end. Cooking it is fine, but I’m rarely happy with the results. Too dry, too sweet, too fatty. I think the disconnect is bridging the gap between wanting it to taste like I remember and it also tasting more like how I want to eat. This modern menu made me want to be more Jewish. Jewish Food Hero can literally save some of our Jewish heritage with this.” —Jennifer, Richmond, VA

“These menus are beautifully photographed and tasty–they’re a virtual book that you just love to open! Cook these recipes and you’ll satisfy all your guests.” —Ori Shavit, Chef and Lecturer

“Yum! I could mix any of these recipes with anything I already make for the holidays! I love the easy to use shopping lists!” —Tovah Kinderlehrer, The Good List

“These menus are gorgeous—they’re enjoyable just to look at! Anyone could find something they’d want to try from this cookbook.” —Miriam Schwab, Friendly CEO and Founder, IllumineaJFH_sales_page_graphics_mar16_3

What’s Included?


· The Jewish Food Hero Cookbook is delivered in the versatile PDF format (works on computers, iPad, mobile devices, Kindle, or can be printed on letter-sized paper)
· Shopping lists organized by food category for each holiday in PDF format
· A ticket to a one year hiatus from figuring out how to bring more health to your Jewish holiday table

The cookbook offers menus for the following holidays:

1. Rosh Hashanah
2. Yom Kippur
3. Sukkot
4. Simchat Torah
5. Chanukah
6. Tu B’Shvat
7. Purim
8. Pesach
9. Lag B’Omer
10. Shavuot


Involve Your Children, Too


Every holiday menu includes at least one recipe that can be made with children’s help—frequently the dessert!


To Be Clear


· When you purchase, you will immediately receive a cookbook with 50 recipes
· You will receive digital (and printable) grocery shopping lists to make grocery shopping a breeze
· With the organization of holiday menus and time-saving recipes, the Jewish Food Hero Cookbook makes your holiday planning simple!

Remember: Eating healthier for the holidays doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing approach.


The more healthy food you add to the table, the less room there is for food that’s unhealthy. It’s possible for you and your family to truly feel healthy, nourished, and energized on the holidays.


Frequently Asked Questions



I’d like to purchase this cookbook. Is that possible?
Yes! This cookbook will be published in 2018.  You can sign up here to receive updates on when it will be published.

I’d like to purchase this as a gift. Is that possible?
Yes! This cookbook will be published in 2018.  You can sign up here to receive updates on when it will be published.

Can I pay with PayPal?
Yes once it is published, you can pay with Paypal.

What if I don’t want to cook every recipe in the holiday menu?
That’s absolutely fine! My goal is to support you in increasing the health at your holiday table. You may choose to cook pick one or two recipes to use from each holiday menu. Follow what looks interesting or inspiring to you!

Are these recipes Kosher?
Yes, all the recipes and ingredients included in this cookbook are kosher pareve.

Can I share this cookbook with my friends or family?
You are welcome to buy multiple copies of this cookbook for your friends and family as a gift.  The cookbook will be published in hard copy and digital formats in 2018.  Sign up here for updates on the cookbook.

How exactly is this easier than just planning my holiday menu on the fly?
We all know how planning holiday meals at the last minute goes—you feel anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed. I’ve found this causes two problems: 1) you aren’t able to make decisions that support your health; or 2) you go with the default recipes you’ve been making for years. Either way, you’re unsatisfied. This cookbook is the solution to that phenomenon, and allows you to start planning three to four weeks in advance!

How is this easier than just finding recipes online?
While it’s true that there are plenty of holiday recipes online, there are not many healthy options that also incorporate new, modern flavors and what we now know about optimal health. So I’m confident that the time and energy you’ll save is well worth the cost of this cookbook. Plus, exploring these recipes will allow you to introduce new, healthy options to your holiday table, for which your guests will thank you.

Will it be difficult to find the ingredients included in the recipes?
I developed and tested these recipes from rural Cambodia, so if I could get access to these ingredients, I’m confident you can too! It was my intention to include common ingredients that you can find at a typical grocery store (not just the Whole Foods or exclusive health food stores). Feel free to give the cookbook a try and if the ingredients are too uncommon for you to locate, I’d be happy to let you return the cookbook within 30 days and refund your money.

How many servings do the recipes offer?
All recipes are made for eight people (and if you make all the recipes in each holiday menu, you’ll have plenty of leftovers!). I’ve offered suggestions for doubling certain recipes depending on your number of guests.

How many pages does the cookbook have?
There are 161 pages in the cookbook, and then 29 for the shopping lists.

Do you offer a print version?
Yes, a print version of the cookbook will be available in 2018.  Sign up here for updates on the cookbook.

How do I get my cookbook on my iPad?
Install the iBooks app and simply click the link given to you during checkout! It might take a couple minutes to download as the cookbook is a large file. Once it’s fully loaded, you can tap the cookbook PDF cover once and there will be a bar at the top that says “open in iBooks.” Clicking that should add the cookbook to your library! Alternatively, you can download the cookbook to your computer, add it to your library, and sync your iPad with your computer.


Do you have another question that wasn’t answered here?
Send me an email here. I’d love to hear from you!JFH_sales_page_cover_mar16_6

Here’s How to Order


The Jewish Food Hero Cookbook will be published in hard copy and digital formats in 2018.  Sign up here for updates on the cookbook.

More questions about the cookbook? Send an email to