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Feeding the Women of the Talmud, Feeding Ourselves produces true food for thought by retelling the stories of sixty-nine women in the Talmud and honoring them with vegan or plant-based recipes. This community cookbook is the co-creation of 129 Jewish women from around the world. The addition of this female-focused point of view to these women’s Talmudic stories—which were recorded and edited by men—is a bright and encouraging testament to a modern generation of women engaging in Jewish learning.

The jewish Food Hero Cookbook

The Jewish Food Hero Cookbook is filled with endearing stories of the author’s inspiration behind her holiday menus. While filled with beautifully photographed dishes, this cookbook is not just about the food. It’s about the way we enter into each holiday and the how we experience them with our loved ones, creating precious memories as we do.

Pairing both traditional and modern, healthy food, the goal of this book is to prove that together we can inspire a new and healthy food future for the Jewish people, one that is connected to the most beautiful traditions of our past, grounded in our present, and affecting change in our future.

Beyond Chopped Liver: 59 Jewish Recipes Get a Vegan Health Makeover

Jewish food’s “greatest hits” receive a makeover in Beyond Chopped Liver: 59 Jewish Recipes Get a Vegan Health Makeover.  This book shares new and better ways to enjoy quintessentially Jewish food with delicious, plant-based recipes– from challah to matzo ball soup!

With recipes inspired by the customs of the diaspora communities worldwide as well as from modern Israeli food culture,  this collection speaks to the Jewish community today as we seek to honor inherited Jewish food traditions while living in ways that are healthier for our bodies and our planet.

Feeding Women Of the Bible, Feeding Ourselves

This community cookbook created and edited by Kenden Alfond is the co-creation of 40 Jewish women. Feeding Women of the Bible cookbook features a short compelling narrative of 20 female biblical heroines from the Hebrew bible, paired with two healthy plant-based kosher pareve recipes inspired by the character’s experience.

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