Use your hands to Make Beautiful Hanukkah Blessing Cards At Home that Natalie Portman would love

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Hanukkah Blessings Cards

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I have been wanting to make Hanukkah blessing cards at home for a few years.

The recitation of the Hanukkah blessing at our house includes the following annual awkward (and sometimes greasy) moments:

  • The late minute search for the blessing in the Siddur with oily hands;
  • Having only one lousy photocopy of the blessings;
  • Candle wax and oily hands all over all everything;
  • Wishing (silently) that you were more organized to print enough copies of the transliteration and English translation of the blessings for Jewish and non-Jewish guests

Don’t get me wrong, reading blessings from the Siddur certainly feels authentic but I have wondered for years if the Siddur and Hanukkah are the best match. There is lots of burning wax and tables of (unfortunately mostly oily) food. Might there be a better way to present the Hanukkah blessings?

I really appreciate that the Hanukkah blessings are available on-line.  And with these you can hustle and cut and paste the blessings into a new document. Sometimes you can find a plain PDF download of the blessings for printing. Both solutions feel like a letdown and definitely does not add to any “special” holiday ambiance. Might there be a more aesthetically pleasing design solution for the Hanukkah blessings?

Hanukkah Blessings Cards

Click Here to Download

Last year I again felt a pang of disappointment that I was not more organized and had not prepared individual blessing cards for everyone in our family and for our guests.  

This year, I did it. I created the modern, beautiful and useful printable Chanukah blessings that I have been wanting.

These blessing cards offer simplistic design with natural elements. You can print them on heavy stock paper or a heavier paper with a texture that enhances the design. I laminate mine. Either way, we can use these blessing cards for each night of Hanukkah and as long as you do not dip them in oil or mush a latke on top of them, they can be used next year too.

These Hanukkah cards are available for immediate download and comes in a high quality (300 dpi) PDF file for ease of printing. When you download the file you will receive one PDF that contains two Hanukkah blessings cards.

Click Here to Download

These printable Hanukkah blessing cards are simple to put together.

You need:

  • A4 white card stock (or another paper of your choice)
  • scissors
  • Black and white or color printer (a home printer works fine for these and going to your local print shop is also a good option)

You can make these alone and also enlist your children to help.

Use these blessing cards each night of Hanukkah.

Click Here to Download

You might also enjoy these easy to read and printable dreidel game guide. 

Your turn: Please share a Hanukkah blessings mistake/mishap story with us in the comments below?

*”Please note that this product contains the name of G-d.  After you print these, please treat them with appropriate respect.” 



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