Baked Strawberry-Glazed Sufganiyot

Sufganiyot are an iconic traditional food for Hanukkah. A traditional sufganiyot is a round, fried doughnut filled with jelly.  They are delicious but they are so oily and feel so heavy in our stomach.   I wanted to make a baked sufganiyot recipe for Hanukkah that is better for us than the traditional deep-fried ones. Although […]

What’s On Your Rosh Hashanah Playlist, Maya Ross?

“ What’s on Your Holiday Playlist” is a recurring feature where I ask one woman to create a holiday inspired soundtrack for us. This Rosh Hashanah, I asked  Maya Ross to build a Rosh Hashanah mood for us. I met Maya in January 2018 when she came to Cambodia during her gap year.  She volunteered […]

7 Ways To Add More Mindfulness To The Jewish Holidays

In modern culture, there is a lot of talk about mindfulness and how it can help our physical and mental health in general. Can mindfulness be integrated into our Jewish holiday experience? In thinking about it, there might be two questions: Can mindfulness help us stay more present with our own experience during the holidays? […]

Letterpress Jewish Holiday Calendar 5779 Available Now

  The annual letterpress Jewish holiday calendar 5779 is available now until July 18th.   If you’re doing a Google search every time you want to find out the exact dates for this year’s Jewish holidays, writing them in your paper planner, or entering them once into your electronic calendar, the holidays can feel out […]

What is Kosher-for-Passover in a Processed Food Society?

Kosher-for-Passover processed foods are increasingly available. From cake mixes, candies, and snacks, a lot of these foods are junk food and playing off our vulnerability. Most of us relate Passover with food restriction and deprivation rather than food freedom.   “Junk food” refers to low quality, low nutritional value processed foods. Junk foods contain detrimental […]

4 Natural Ways to Relieve Constipation During Passover (without taking laxatives)

Constipation is a real experience for many of us during Passover because we change our diets. When we abstain from chametz, we may be giving up our go-to favorite foods like bread and bread products, oats and wheat-based cereals, and corn and beans if you follow Ashkenazi tradition. (I decided to start eating Kitniyot a […]

Finally, the truth about how much Matzah you must eat during Passover revealed

Passover is an important holiday. The dietary restrictions have an impact on our bodies and energy levels. Good to know: We are instructed to eat matzah only at the Pesach seders themselves. During the rest of the holiday, eating matzah is optional. For many of us (myself included), a little matzah is ok for our […]

17 Delicious Plant-Based Recipes Your Eyes, Mouth and Gut Will Love This Passover

thumbnails of plant based meals

Eating plant based food during Passover is one way to take care of your body during the holiday. During Passover*, we can center your plate and your diet predominately with plant foods (fruits, vegetables, starchy vegetables, roots/tubers, intact whole grains, and legumes such as beans, peas and lentils (depending on if you Kinyot or not […]

Use These Modern and Beautiful Place Cards To Decorate To Your Passover Seder Table

These Passover place cards are beautiful and practical. They add a decorative design element to your table and also allow you to intentionally place guests at your Passover table. According to Martha Stewart, the correct place for these place cards is “On a folded napkin, which rests on the dinner plate at each place setting, […]