Jewish Holiday Calendar


When is Rosh Hashanah this year?

The Jewish holiday calendar 5780 was created to help us keep track of our 16 major holidays each year. The Jewish calendar is a lunar calendar so the dates of holidays change every year – this can lead to confusion (to say the least) every year. Ask yourself:Do I know when Rosh Hashanah 5780 is?

How will I find out the Jewish holiday dates?

Do I enjoy finding the dates, or is this just another chore on my list?

Offline time

Too often these days, we have to turn to online search engines for answers. Oftentimes, the act of opening a device to search for holiday dates leads on to further Google searching, email checking or needless scrolling which is a distracting time and energy drain.

I don’t want the Jewish holiday calendar 5780 – or any year for that matter – to have any connection to this kind of pleasureless, unconscious, internet based activity!

So many of our basic and essential life activities now revolve around being online. Nowadays, I choose to keep my Jewish holiday calendar experience offline and display a modern and beautiful letterpress Jewish holiday calendar in my home.

Jewish holiday calendar 5780: beautiful Judaica

Beauty is a value which is not attributed to Judaism enough. This is something I wanted to change. The Jewish holiday calendar 5780 is delicate, visually pleasing, professionally illustrated in a minimalist design and letterpress printed. This calendar creates a link between beauty, art and our Jewish holidays.

If you’d love to have a beautiful Jewish object in your home that makes you feel connected to your Jewish identity, but you haven’t found anything that delights and inspires you yet, take a look at this calendar.

Jewish Holidays in focus

When our Jewish holiday calendar is stored online or in a paper planner, the holidays can feel out of sight, out of mind.

This beautifully designed, high quality printed Jewish holiday calendar 5780 is designed to be a work of art – an art print. It can be displayed in your home, school or synagogue, in a place of pride which brings pleasure to those who look at it.

Something I noticed in my own family over the last 5 years since I started making this calendar, is that displaying our Jewish calendar in the heart of our home puts the holidays and our traditions back where they should be: in the centre of our focus, a grounding part of our everyday and a priority for our family.

Having the Jewish holiday calendar in constant sight also builds more anticipation for the coming holiday: all generations know which holiday is coming next and can get excited about preparations, anticipating taking part in our traditions.

As a parent, I like the way this calendar stimulates conversation between my daughter and I. She is able to find the date for me – more often than not this sparks questions from her which I am only too happy to answer.

Your own display

Here are a few ideas for where and how to display the Jewish holiday calendar 5780:

  • In the home: displayed on the refrigerator held by magnets or in a frame hung on your wall.
  • In schools: on a bulletin board as part of an educational display or framed on a shelf where children can see it.
  • In synagogues: framed in the entrance area, in the Hebrew school classroom, or in the Rabbi’s office.

The Jewish holiday calendar 5780 uses a neutral color palette so you can style it up or down to your taste. If you like to keep things simple, it would look beautiful in a natural wood frame. If you like a little more color, you could go for something a little more bold.

P.S. The digital download version of this calendar is right here.

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