Shabbat Shalom 23 February 2018

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Pre-Shabbat Prospects

Who says we can’t make Vegan Sloppy Joes for Shabbat dinner? We can call them “Vegan Sloppy Shlomos” for a good laugh at the Shabbat table.

A massage sounds blissful to me or even a real hug before Shabbat. It turns out that we all need more non-sexual intimate touch in our lives. If you work out but do not have the budget for massage, practice self care for your muscles with a foam roller.

I know Hanukkah is long behind us but we can still serve these vegan chocolate coins for dessert any day of the year.

Mental Nourishment:

One benefit of me writing this bi-monthly Shabbat Shalom posts is that it makes it so I read about the Parashat. I read a summary (I usually read this one to get the general lay of the land) and then watch the Bimbam video commentary.

This week’s Parashat Tetzaveh seems to be a precursor to male Vogue in that it is caught up with what male Priests must wear.  

Of everything that I read, this quote stood out to me from Rabbi Jonathan Sacks commentary “Do Clothes Make the Man”:

“Civilization always runs the risk of substituting “seems” for “is.” Those who dress like kings may have the heart of slaves, fearful, resentful and vindictive. Those who wear the robes of holy people may (like the sons of Samuel) be corrupt. That is why Jewish sensibility is, on the whole, sceptical of official uniforms. G-d sees, and teaches us to see, the inward person, what Hamlet called, “that within which passeth show.”

Speaking of clothing, today, many people think of modesty as only being about how women dress. Do you ever wonder what else modesty refers to in a Jewish sense?

Vegan mock chopped liver is evergreen and even your grandmother would have enjoyed this recipe!

Good news for us, yogi teas are kosher.  This is a perfect tea to drink before bed. If you’ve been having a difficult time falling asleep, there are countless free guided meditations in this wonderful app. Or you could try a natural eye mask for some added comfort. 

Shabbat Shalom, here’s to your restful Shabbat!

Your turn:  Knowing that clothes do not make the woman, what do you choose to wear for Shabbat?

*This “Shabbat Shalom” series is about sharing inspiring and supportive ideas with you before Shabbat.  Please note that it is not a recommendation to “do” these activities during Shabbat.  Rather it is in the spirit of giving you nourishing resources before Shabbat that they may intentionally bring into your life at the right moment.



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