Shabbat Shalom 9 February 2018


Pre-Shabbat Prospects:

Why not use an oil-free salad dressing this Shabbat?
I am going to make oil-free hummus for Shabbat dinner and this how-to guide will help me make them from it from scratch (if I have to use canned, I buy these)

I have been following these two Jewish sisters Simi and Chaya on Instagram for the past few months.  

Simi tragically lost her husband at the end of 2017 and since then been using Instagram in a therapeutic way to support herself through this year of grief. Her posts are heartbreaking and so raw and authentic that reading them makes me cry. I wrote to Simi and Chaya to tell them I am thinking of them, and sent them a digital Jewish holiday calendar.  

Mental Nourishment:

I read this book with my daughter and she loved it so much we bought the whole series. It is a darling portrayal of Jewish life at the turn of the century in New York’s Lower East Side through the eyes of five young sisters.  

I am reading this book on Mussar and I like the book structure and the focus on practical life and improvement. I find myself wishing for something more feminine. It feels distant from me because the anecdotal stories are about men.  

Looking for a delicious and healthier hamantaschen recipe? Make this high protein brownie hamantaschen and thank me later.

Yup, body positivity is exhausting and that’s why body neutrality makes a lot more sense.

Finally vegan and kosher chocolate chips that don’t taste like dark brown cardboard.

In Parshat Mishpatim there are the words: “You shall not tolerate a sorceress”. Today, who do you think the term “sorceress” applies to? Women who practice tarot? Women who practice reiki? Women who use crystals for energetic support?

I am asking because I am not sure. I keep a rose quartz on my bedside table and occasionally place in on my heart to help me relax before I fall asleep.  

Shabbat Shalom, here’s to your peaceful Shabbat

Your turn: Tell me in the comments what you think the term “sorceress” applies to today?

*This “Shabbat Shalom” series is about sharing inspiring and supportive ideas with you before Shabbat.  Please note that it is not a recommendation to “do” these activities during Shabbat.  Rather it is in the spirit of giving you nourishing resources before Shabbat that they may intentionally bring into your life at the right moment.

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