From the Jewish Food Hero Kitchen: Mini Maple Pumpkin Cocoa Cakes

Glass of coffee and class of vegan chocolate milk on a wooden table near a brick wall

  Breaking the fast These plant-based vegan Mini Maple Pumpkin Cocoa Cakes are for after the Yom Kippur fast. It is a tradition in some families to break the Yom Kippur fast with water or tea, followed by a  piece of cake. People relax for half an hour to an hour and then come back […]

A Woman’s Guide to Yom Kippur Promises

The ritual of teshuva can be set up as a time to reassess the past year, and come up with ways to improve and change in the coming year. Sadly, many of the promises I make to myself turn out to be empty promises.    At this time of year we are thinking about the […]