What’s In Your Pantry, Esther Klein?


What’s in Your Pantry? is a recurring feature where I ask women to tell us more about their food and eating habits by opening up their kitchen pantries to us. This week I’m featuring Esther Klein.   Esther says that she is  “addicted to snacking” She channeled this love of snacking into a Instagram account and youtube channel where she reviews Kosher snacks from all around the world.

I first watched one of her reviews and laughed so hard that I cried.  The first thing I did was to share the video with my older brother who said “This is so funny and true!”

So Esther and I do not share the same ideas about food or snacking!  However, I appreciate and admire the humour she brings to kosher food snacks.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I live in Toronto, Canada. I was born and raised in this large city by my lovely parents who were born and raised in Slovakia. They moved here at a later age and I was the kid in class that had the parents with the funny European accent. I have an older brother who is married, and I am 24 years old. I am a recent graduate of a post-grad program in Journalism. Growing up I always had a love for drama and being on television. My ultimate dream is to be a news reporter one day! I love to exercise, hang out with friends, shoe shop, listen to music, and just hang low key! One of my other favourite past times is eating! I love anything from sushi, pizza, spicy fries, to anything sweet. I never grew out of my sweet tooth.

How do you typically feel, emotionally, when you open your kitchen pantry?

I am always excited. My intention is to go and find an epic, unique snack that I will either enjoy myself or film and share on IG or you tube.

What’s your process for organizing your food pantry?

We have three cupboards in my home where our food items get stored. One is for baking goods, one is for cooking, and the other is the cereals and snacking foods. The last is always my go-to cupboard!

What’s inside your pantry right now?

We have Shreddies, always a healthy and good break food.

Nutri Grain bars! My favorite is the pumpkin spice flavour, oolala!

Gatorade – great drink pre and post working out. The blue colour is my favourite.

Apple cinnamon oatmeal – by Quaker! So good!

Cliff bars. I am into protein bars quite a bit. I love the peanut butter flavour.

What’s inside your healthiest item you keep in stock?

I would have to say Simply Protein bars. They have simple ingredients you can read and understand. It also has a great amount of protein without a lot of sugar and other foreign supplements inside.

What about your guilty pleasure that you always have on hand?

CHOCOLATE! Ferro Roche. Oh damn.

What are your go-to cookbooks?

I do not have any go-to cookbooks since my mom does most of the cooking and she just uses her own eastern European recipes from Slovakia.

Compared to your mother, how is your pantry the same or different than what you grew up with?

I still live at home.

If you could change anything about how your pantry is now, what would it be?

I would just keep adding more and more snacks. Seriously.

Your turn:  What is your favorite snack food?

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